JavaScript programmer front-end and back-end

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Partners&Orka advertising agency, for the company I.R.V., which has a young and creative team for management and development of innovative media, web & mobile technologies using big-data and artificial intelligence for building predictive models of behaviour, searching for a motivated candidate to take the challenge and to successfully fulfil the position of: JavaScript programmer front-end and back-end

(Location: Slovenia-Ljubljana)


Front-end programmer
– good knowledge of HTML5/CSS3
– good knowledge of Javascript language and ecosystem
– experience in development of front-end interfaces based on Javascript frameworks (react or other)
– experience in connecting to web services / APIs

Back-end programmer
– good knowledge of Javascript language and ecosystem
– experience in development of back-end services based on Javascript (nodejs, express)
– working experience with sql and no-sql database platforms (mongodb, elasticsearch)

Other requirements
– familiarity with other programming languages is a plus
– awareness of the importance of data security
– Punctuality, independence, self-organization and creativity

– working with the frontend and backend development team
– flexibility regarding development schedules, timelines and deadlines
– efficient effort to achieve required goals
– communication with the team
– dedication and team spirit

– Project work for the duration of the BehaviourExchange project
– Opportunity for deeper engagement and permanent employment
– Working in a fresh and innovative environment with a team of young experts
– Development of projects using hot new technologies (including big-data, artificial intelligence, machine learning models for the prediction of behaviour, as well as media, web and mobile technologies)
– Relaxed and orderly working environment in the vicinity of BTC in Ljubljana
– Regular payments and the possibility of permanent employment
– Opportunity for continued professional and personal development.
Inspiring work in a well-established and dynamic environment

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